Wednesday, January 14, 2009

2009 summer cruise to bahamas/carribean

2009 summer cruise to bahamas/carribean?
me(18) and my brother(21) re looking for a cruise to go on this summer. we would like it to be rather inexpensive and want to go to the bahamas or carribean. is the flight included. we would have to fly out of fort wayne indiana
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It will be difficult to find a cruise for 2 young people. As a travel agent, and cruise specialist, I have found t
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You can get really cheap cruises with Carnival and NCL, if you don't mind an inside cabin they start as cheap as $159 and up ...I just came back from a cruise and it was $439 plus tax for a balcony.
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flight is not included, but u can get the cruise for about 700 per person
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The best web site I have found for affordable cruises >

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