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Advice on Chicago Metra to O'Hare

Advice on Chicago Metra to O'Hare?
I have a flight leaving from O'Hare and am trying to avoid traffic/overpriced parking. I will be driving in from Fort Wayne, Indiana. Where is a good place to park my car and ride the Metra to O'Hare? Thanks!
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You probably should take the CTA Blue Line. The Metra train that goes to O'Hare stops in Long term parking F I believe which is a bus ride and another train ride to whatever terminal you are flying from. The best option would be to park at any parking lot or safe street close to the Blue line and ride the train to the airport. I
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There is no METRA stop at ORD. Connections can be made from the closest METRA stations on the CTA "el"or PACE buses....but there is overnight parking at very few METRA stations...most are north and west of ORD. Your car is the problem with your plan. Unless your round trip is less than 24 hrs, there's only 1 CTA lot that has multiple-day 24 hr parking. It's the Cumberland CTA station not far from ORD. Jump on the blue line and as you sit down the train will arrive. This will solve the cost ($12.00 per 24 hr period) but not the traffic trauma: Instead of METRA what about AMTRAK? There are 3 morning trains from South Bend (free parking) to Union Station: To get to ORD from Union Station is not real easy especially if you have a lot of baggage: - You can take METRA but not frpm that station. You will have to walk about 3 blocks to the Ogilvie Transportation Center. From there take the MUP-NW line to Jefferson Park METRA station and a short walk to the CTA station with a ride on the blue line "el" to ORD. - Avoid METRA and walk about 3 blocks to the Clinton St CTA subway stop and get on the blue line northbound tp ORD...$2.25: You can also take the South Shore electric from the same South Bend station to Millenium Park station and then walk to the Washington/Dearborn subway and take the same CTA blue line "el" northbound to ORD:
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There IS a Metra stop at O'Hare ( It's served by the North Central Line. But it stops a long way from any transportation to the terminal, so unless you're willing to call a cab from there and ride it to the terminal, it might be more trouble than it's worth. If you want to avoid overpriced parking, you might try parking at one of the hotels near O'Hare. I've done this a couple of times and the prices range from $7.50 a day to $20 a day. I personaly park at the Mariott Suites. They even have a shuttle van that takes you and your luggage to the terminal and back. YOu can sign up for it here (you have to sign up on line to get the discount parking price): Granted, you have won't be able to avoid traffic, but it's good to know your car is just a short shuttle van ride away when you get home. Like others have said, the Blue Line is cheaper and easier, but as far as long-term parking, not sure where a secure place would be. There are parking lots along the Blue Line, but most of them are for daily parking only and not too secure. I supposed you could drive to the Mariott Suites, park, then walk down to the Rosemont Blue line stop (it's not too far from the Mariott Suites) and ride the Blue Line train one stop to the airport. But if you ask me, your best bet is to drive from Fort Wayne to the Mariott Suites in Rosemont, park, and ride the free shuttle to the airport. You can't avoid the traffic, unfortunately, but it's less of a headache.

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