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Confused about changing flights.

Confused about changing flights.?
Tomorrow I'm going to Spain to be an exchange student. I'm 16 and it'll be my first time flying alone. I'm switching planes twice before actually crossing the seas. Fort wayne to detroit, detroit to new jersey, then to spain. Whenever i get off my first flight, I just go to the tv screen and go to the gate i have to go to, correct? I'm going on the same airline the whole way and they said I don't have to get my luggage. So if I just go to my gate and wait, where do I get my boarding pass? Can soemone answer and make this whole changing flights thing less confusing? Thanks
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When you 1st check in on your flight out of fort wayne, they'll give you the tickets for the other flights. So when you land all you need to do is find the screen and see which ternimal your next flight is at, and head there.
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That's right. They will transfer your luggage for you. Just go to the tv screen and go to the gate you have to go to. Look on your ticket, it will tell you which gates you need to go to. Gates can change at the last minute, so it's best to check your flight numbers with the tv screens. Enjoy your time in Spain.
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On your ticket it will have the gate number to your next flight if you unsure what gate to go to find a air-port worker at the desk as you get off you flight and they will help you find your way Best of Luck Vegas Bob
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Wow! Spain. Good for you. Hope you have the time of your life. Anyway, your ticket should have all the information you need to obtain all your boarding passes. All you have to do is look at the big screens like you said and go to that gate. When you get there, show the ticket handler your ticket and they should give you a boarding pass. It should be the same in all the cities. Don't be nervous because that'll just make you secnond guess yourself. Just follow what you're supposed to do and you should be fine. Good luck on the study abroad trip! :O)
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They usually give you all of your boarding passes when you check in at your first flight. If they don't, you will go the gate and there will be a desk there with airline personnel there to help you. Every gate has a desk. They will give you a boarding pass for that flight. Be sure to tell them when you check in that it's your first time flying alone so they will take more time to explain things to you. Good Luck!

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