Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Name your own Price for Airfare on Priceline

Name your own Price for Airfare on Priceline?
I bid $1 and it didn't say it rejected it. Will it? I am flying from Minneapolis to Fort Wayne and I need a really cheap flight. Have you had good experiences with this Name you Own Price Deal? What was your itinerary? When did you leave?
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1 :
I've had good luck with Priceline naming my own price many times. I've booked flights as little as 1 day in advance and gotten good deals. The key is to find out what the tickets are normally costing first, and then bid about 50% of that. I've sometimes bid as low as 65% under and gotten it, but that doesn't happen often. If it rejects it, then bid $5 higher. Keep bidding, adding $5 each time until it takes your bid. This may be time consuming, but it works if you keep at it. I wish you well.
2 :
i did $0 but got good deal.

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