Saturday, February 7, 2009

I need help finding...

I need help finding...?
a cheap airline ticket from Seville, Spain (SVQ) to Fort Wayne, Indiana (FWA). I need to leave in 2 days, Oct. 17th until Oct 27th. It has to be around $800.00 There has to be someone who works at some airline out there who can tell me the trick to getting cheap flights. Is there a time of day that I can look when they are low?
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I would highly recommend both hotwire and priceline, flycheapabroad, and I've searched around for airfare quite a bit, and these three sites usually ring true as the cheapest. Other than that, I'd go to sites like,,, and These sites offer searches of multiple online airfare websites, making it easier and less time consuming to compare prices. As for when to buy, I usually go to They pretty accurately predict when a good time to buy a flight would be based off of past and current trends, etc. It's pretty useful. Another site I've found handy is They did a bunch of research on the various airfare sites to see which sites are usually the cheapest. They also have a list of most of the international airfare sites on their webpage (60+), which can be pretty handy in and of itself. Hope this helped!
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the poster above has some good sources, but honestly, you're going to have a hard time finding that ticket at that price, especially since you're going to a smaller airport. I'd consider going through Detroit or Indianapolis & then driving to Ft. Wayne. Also, ticket prices have gone up in general in the past year, not including the extra fees for baggage and the like. The $700-$850 tickets to & from Europe just aren't there anymore. You might also take a look at

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