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Dover AFB Question - Space A

Dover AFB Question - Space A?
I'm taking a hop from Rota Spain to Dover. I need to get from Dover to Fort Wayne Indiana. Is there anyone at Dover that can tell me what airport I should get another flight out of and also what is the best way to get from the airport in dover to the airport I need to be at?
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I am a retired military "hopper". I have flown out of almost every AFB that has this service. Dover has a couple of drawbacks. The biggest is ground transportation out of there. There is one choice. Greyhound. The Bus station is several miles off base, but there are taxi's available to get you there. The closest Amtrak is in Wilmington about 45 miles away. There is no commercial aviation in the Dover area. There is but one AFB in Indiana. Grissom in North East Indiana. However hops are few and far between. You could be waiting a long time to get one out of Dover.You could take a bus to Andrews AFB in DC and have a better choice of hops to somewhere closer to the Indiana area. Flying military hops inside the US is challenging when you have a specific destination. I just to to the AFB and get on a plane and then see where I end up. Sometimes it takes a week to get back to my origin.
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Your best bet is to fly commercial once you hit the US. From Dover there are many Taxi and Limo services to major aiports in the area. There will be many others arriving with you, Share a ride and the expense. Philly and BWI (Baltimore-Washington Int) are the closest, both less than two hours away. Dulles and Reagan National are also choices. You can make reservations ahead of time. Make them for the day after you plan to arrive. May take time to get to airport. Delays etc. Both have very nice USOs for you to relax while waiting for your flight.

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