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What can you take with you on Air Tran flights

What can you take with you on Air Tran flights?
We are flying out of Midway airport on Sunday. We are flying on Air Trans. We have never flown with them before. How soon should we get there because they have paper tickets and we don't have our seats assigned yet? We are traveling with 6 people. Our flight is at 7:30 in the morning. I think we are planning to get there at about 5:00. Also, we are going on our 4th cruise, and it is to the Caribbean. So, we need to take sunscreen. I like the kind that comes in an aerosol bottle, but I don't think you're allowed to take that with you. Can you? If not, it is fine because we have a bunch of other sun screen. Thanks. Also, how is Air Tran? Do you like it. Our friend who travels a lot says it is a good air line to take out of Midway. Also, where is Midway. We have heard many different things about where it is. We live in Northeast Indiana, so usually we fly out of Fort Wayne or Indianapolis. We have never flown out of Chicago before. It was the cheapest one we could find though.
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You should reach the airport 2hr before the flight time in case of domestic travel, and 3 hrs for internagtional flights. You cannot take liquids more than about 100ml in your cabin bags. So all you can take with you on the plane in the handbags is sample size items (you can get them at Walgreens or Walmart or many other general stores) As for sunscreen since you need it only when you reach there, you can pack them in your checked in baggage. There is not limit on what and how much liquids you put in the checked in bag. Be careful though that the containers are well sealed or else everything else in the bags may be ruined due to the way they handle baggage! :) Two tips from me :) 1- If you can buy something at th destination (for example sunscreen!) don't pack it with you ! 2 - And don't take anything in your handbaggage that you will not need during your time in flight. If you pack lite it will save you from a lot of stress during checkins and security.
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1. Getting there at around 5:00 for a 7:30 flight should give you plenty of time. 2. This is a list that will tell you if an item is allowed or prohibited in your carry-on and/or checked luggage: 3. If you plan to take any liquids with you in your carry-on luggage, please see this link: Again, that is only for carry-on luggage. Your checked luggage has no restrictions on liquids. 4. AirTran is currently the highest ranked airline for customer service; I've flown with them before and all of my flights were on time, the baggage was on time - I had no problems with them. 5. Here's a map and directions to Midway: Scroll down past the map of the airport itself - there will be a map of the area around Midway and driving directions under that. 6. You can take anything with you that you could possibly need, excluding things that are prohibited by TSA (see link above - #2) I hope that helps.

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